Our growing community of Kingdom changers with callings for Orphan care have a team initiative to work with God and end Orphan and Foster Care needs worldwide by 2120. How is God calling you to be on the team? Your church, your company, your special gifts and talents, and/or your legacy. God’s children need us now more than ever, the fatherless issues are generational. We are working together to pour into young men and woman to break the cycles they were brought into of no fault of their own. Teaching God’s orphans to pour into others so they pour into others is a generational solution we can all be apart of. Teaching our young men how to be Godly men will have generational impact let’s start today.


We assist churches with creating serve opportunities or missions trips covering a wide variety of areas of ministry. Our partner organizations are thoroughly vetted and work with your church to create programs that are a perfect fit.

Non Profits

We provide training and networking opportunities for non-profits. We also provide a referral avenue to put volunteers and donors in-touch with our partner organizations.


we are a centralized resource to help connect individuals passionate about working with children access to the best thought leaders and organizations available.

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