For our first God wink of the year we hear from our friends, Dean and Winnie Peters in Managua Nicaragua.


Life and death is in the power of the tongue…. God

God spoke, and it was….As a man thinketh in his heart so is he…….  What is in our heart comes out of his mouth…   I could  fill this whole thread about the importance and power of what Born again Christians say.

So, my beautiful wife, Winnie Peters and I have been continuously preaching the precious gospel of Jesus Christ to this particular group precious children for 10 years non stop (Christianity is a lifestyle, not an event).   

These little guys have a life so hard and strenuous that it would make a muscle man from Venice Beach roll on the floor and cry like a little girl,  😂 

Our preaching doesn’t really seem to have the effect I wish it had.   Today Sofia wore a princess dress.  Winnie and I both call Sofia (probably through the Holy Spirit) Princesa.   The kids were already mocking her because she came ‘overdressed’ for the occasion.

When we called her princesa, the mocking turn into angry cat calls and insults.   Sofia seems to have gotten saved recently.  All the kids say the sinners prayer with us.  Sometimes it sticks, sometimes it doesn’t,  I believe it stuck with Sofi.

Our message suddenly turned from ‘how to resist sin’ to why Sofi was a princesa…..  easy answer because her daddy is the King of Kings.   The Who mood changed among all the kids, when they realized that they could be a prince or princess once they accepted the King of Kings into their hearts.

Another case of where God taught us all something that isn’t specifically mentioned in the Bible, but demnstrates what the Bible is about.  Praise His Holy Name!

  Until next month. Many blessings,

Kingdom Coalition for Kids Leadership Team.



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