God is on the move in Guatemala, KC4K partners George & Iliana Herrera have been answering Gods call to serve kids living in the dumps in rural Guatemala for the last 5 years. They have been pouring into these amazing kids food, clean water, shoes, clothes, medical services and the Gospel through Pocket Testament League tracts in Spanish and English. They provide care packets for them with socks, hygiene products, snacks,treats, vitamins, the Gospel and a small toy. They have created a team of local volunteers that are distributing food and care packets and assisting on transitioning them to temporary housings and getting them in school.  A very Godly man Otto Vasquez and his family are using one of their ranches to house 18 of these over 200 kids and the caregivers that are watching over these lucky ones. Recently  George and team have partnered with Extreme Response to work on scaling and duplicating this model. Russ Cline and team are a great resource.  We look for many more God stories of transformations of from the Dump to the Ranch. 



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