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Our God wink for this month comes to us from our friends at Care for Children.

Impact Story

We recently caught up with one of the social workers that Care for Children has trained in Southeast Thailand. She told us about a very special foster family that she visited.

“Mrs Mon is a retired teacher and is currently fostering two young brothers, Tong who is 10, and Ti who is 9. As their case worker I can see such a change in the boys since they have been with their foster family. They used to be children who couldn’t speak up for themselves, were scared of strangers and never dared to question anyone or let anyone know their needs. But the love and care the boys have received from Mrs Mon is evident, and they are now confident, speak well, and take responsibility with their schoolwork.“Talking to Mrs Mon about her future and raising the children, she told me: ‘If the boys’ birth family are not able to take them back, I’m here for them and happy to be their long- term family. My goal is to give them every opportunity while they are part of my family.’“When I visit her, she loves to pull out her phone and show me photos of the boys and what they have been doing. She also recounts the mischief they have been up to, but she tells it with a laugh and a smile. I’m drawn to this dear woman and her love for these boys.”It’s true, love in action is attractive, and often a blessing to be around! We wish Mrs Mon all the very best as she gives up her home and her time to care for vulnerable children in her community.

Russell Brown
Until next month.

Much love and blessings,

Kingdom Coalition for Kids Leadership Team.



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