Dan Streit

Through much prayer and past experiences God has put on my heart to serve his children, it has been an awesome experience using my God given talents to serve his children. Through serving with many children ministry partners, it is clear God is on the move in HUGE way and I feel very blessed to be a part of a much bigger plan. To see the child’s transformation through pouring in Christ’s love and words first hand it has changed the course of my life forever and the best is yet to come.

Gina Streit

God has been transforming my life through blessing me to serve his children, I now know why God has gifted me with specific relational talents to connect with his children. God is changing communities through the transformation of his children and I feel so honored and blessed to be a small part of a very significant time in history. What a blessing it is to be a blessing!

Eric Bezko

“A mouthpiece for God’s abused kids.” That sums up what I have been committed to since taking in foster children many years ago. Fast forward and I am assisting my wife Tera in her ministry for the aftercare of girls rescued from sex slavery from Cambodia to Mexico. Bottom line, even though no one looks someone in the eye and says “don’t bother me with foster or sex slaved kids” when it is time to DO SOMETHING, too many people are under the impression that since they ‘felt’ the hurt in talking about it, they have done something. It is in the trenches that God’s work here on Earth gets done. Will YOU join us in God’s trenches?

Neville & Gail Fannin

Neville and Gail Fannin are missionaries who work towards the cause of children in Africa. As Directors of the Jackson’s Ridge Children’s Ministries Training Centre, they and their team, travel extensively across sub-Saharan Africa to assist churches with children’s ministries training. 

This greatly assists the local church body to raise the level of ministry to children in the church and community. They have been ministering to children for over 23 years and their hearts burn with a passion to introduce children to Christ and to lead them to an authentic and deeper walk with their Saviour. They present the gospel to children with a wide variety of eye-catching and attention getting methods, which include Puppetry, Drama and Gospel Illusion which makes the Word of God come alive as it is presented in a child friendly way. Neville and Gail Fannin are missionaries who work towards the cause of children in Africa. As Directors of the Jackson’s Ridge Children’s Ministries Training Centre, they and their team, travel extensively across sub-Saharan Africa to assist churches with children’s ministries training.

George and Illiana Herrera

We have seen the great need that children have in other countries such as in Guatemala. They are malnourished, abused, discriminated against. We realized that there needed to be action because unfortunately they had no other help, no other means of support. 

We started off on our own making special events for these children to make them feel special and providing them with food and clothing. We went to various villages and schools. We even visited dumps, where children were found scavenging for food with their hands and feet cracked with open wounds. We found this to be our calling and put it in our prayer for God to guide us and for Him to open more doors so we can continue to bless others. Shortly after we met Dan and Gina and they have been the answer to our prayers by inviting us to join Kingdom Coalition for Kids. God is going to do amazing things. He has been transforming our lives so we can transform the lives of others.

Phil Darke

Phil Darke is the husband of one, father of five, co-host of the Think Orphan Podcast, co-author of In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence, and President of Providence World ( providenceworld.com), which exists to inspire and equip others to love orphans, widows, and at-risk communities with excellence. He received a J.D. from Vanderbilt University Law School and a B.A. in Rhetoric and Communications from U.C. Davis. Before his time with Providence, Phil worked as an attorney for law firms in Sacramento, CA, and Atlanta, GA, and as a clerk for a federal judge in Honolulu, HI.

Steve Kaloper

Steve Kaloper is a consultant to Christian non-profit organizations and high net worth families. Steve has nearly 20-years experience in marketing, developing strategic relationships, and consulting in the private,public and non-profit sectors.

Leader. Passionate. Strong Verbal Communication. Driver. Strategist

As Founder and CEO of Development Services Group, Steve offers fundraising strategies for non-profits integrating various aspects of the donor-cultivation process The Art of a Relationships Campaigns for the purpose of advancing the organizations mission and raising the needed funds is his specialty. As co-Founder and CEO of the Kingdom Capital Group, Steve developed the concept of Impact Philanthropy, a resultsoriented approach to giving—and a key aspect of the New Wave of Philanthropy. Steve grew up and began his career in Southern California serving on staff of a mega-church in Newport Beach. His career continued as a full-service registered financial advisor with Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch. Then as Director of Development for the Family Research Council based in Washington, D.C. Steve later joined the private sector as Director of Marketing for a direct mail marketing agency serving organizations such as The Salvation Army was sold on Wall Street. Steve engaged his true passion serving ministries as a DSG consultant to numerous non-profits and V.P. of Marketing and Development for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Born and raised in Southern California, he and his wife Shannon along with their four kids reside in Georgia. Steve’s desire is to live a life of transparency, integrity, and to illustrate an irresistible life-style for Christ as they disciple, equip and empower their kids to glorify God. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the school of Social Ecology from the University of California Irvine. Currently serving on several non-profit and profit boards as well authored his first book in 2015.