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Happy new year! We start off the year with news from our friends at Jackson’s Ridge.COALITIONS ARE A BLESSING FROM GOD

If you ever want to start a church anywhere in Africa, you can be guaranteed that on your very first Sunday, your tent/hall/venue will be filled with children.  

Over the years, we have watched, time and time again, children being ignored and sent outside so that “adults” can have church. One of our favourite true stories is of an old time pastor in our movement who obeyed God and started a church in his area. On the first week the tent was filled with children and so it continued week after week, with only a few adults turning up. The Pastor fasted and prayed and said to God, “You told me to start a church, but all we get is children.” God spoke very clearly into his heart and said “The children are the church.”

This past November, through the KC4K coalition we had the honour and privilege of hosting a church planting seminar, through Dynamic Church Planting International for many of the Senior Pastors of our movement. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the importance of children with them, as they were challenged to break through the barriers of “small thinking” and structure their ministries to be evangelistically minded and work towards planting a church with children in mind, at every opportunity.

Without KC4K, we would never have know about Jim Duggan and DCPI. Belonging to KC4K has connected us with so many like minded people who support each other in prayer, who pursue relationship with you and encourage you at every turn. Our ministry has been revived and changed through this coalition.  

Thank you Dan for your obedience to Jesus.  It is through this that many of us have been on the receiving end of all the benefits of unity and fellowship. May I encourage you to spend the time to connect with KC4K….your ministry will be changed forever! 
Until next month.

Much love and blessings,

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