Finding Freedom International Finding Freedom International’s (FFI) mission is to restore the lives of women and children victimized from sexual exploitation and modern day slavery. Since 2009 FFI has partnered with established safe houses around the world to train and equip caregivers and staff members to provide long-term restoration and healing to girls rescued from sex trafficking. Terry FFI’s unique program of modeling, mentoring and coaching safe house staff members provides the training and tools necessary to restore rescued girls to wholeness from the physical, emotional and spiritual trauma inflicted by sex abuse and slavery. By equipping the warriors on the front lines of this battle we create a sustainable model for ongoing restoration. Hope is restored, dreams are created, and the devastating generational cycle of abuse is ended. Royal Family Kids Our vision is that every foster child, ages 6-12, experiences a life-changing Camp, Club and Mentoring. Our mission is to create life-changing moments for children of abuse and mobilize the faith community to confront child abuse. We do this through launching and sustaining Camps, Clubs and Mentoring. Jackson Ridge Jackson’s Ridge is a one of a kind organisation dedicated exclusively to changing children’s lives. Jackson’s Ridge is a non profit organisation that was established by the Assemblies of God World Missions, USA in partnership with the International Assemblies of God of South Africa. JR (as the locals call it) is located just outside Magaliesburg in the Northwest province of South Africa. Teen Reach Every year, abused teens are put into the foster care system or worse- end up on the streets as part of our homeless population. At T.R.A.C. and we provide hope through camping and mentoring programs designed especially for these youth. Please take a look around to see how you can help. Corazon De Vida Corazon de Vida (CDV) is a 20+ year US 501c3 non-profit organization providing life-changing support for orphaned and abandoned children in Baja, Mexico by funding local orphanages, providing quality of life improvement services and investing in the children’s future by funding higher education. Through our life-sustaining program we provide monthly funding for the orphanages under our care. These orphanages give abandoned children security, nutrition, shelter and access to a reliable education. We also fund scholarships for teens aging out of the orphanage system to continue their education. Door of Faith Orphanage Door of Faith Orphanage is located in La Mision, Baja California, Mexico–approximately one hour south of the U.S. border below San Diego. La Mision is roughly half way between the cities of Rosarito and Ensenada about 2 miles from the coast. For over 50 years Door of Faith has served orphaned children and the poorer communities in our area. Today, with around 100 children, we are one of the largest orphanages in Baja. We are also base for short term missions, hosting groups from across North America. Doing Good Works  We leverage proven business models and principles to create systematic social change.  We re-purpose our profits to fund and scale the mission and create the greatest impact for society. Breaking Chains To fight for the freedom of women and innocent children who have been caught in the chains of prostitution, sex trafficking and sexual abuse. To give these victims hope through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We believe in a holistic solution that includes Christian counseling, training, independent living and work skills, as well as the education necessary to enable them to live productive lives. Pure Game  Pure Game is a nonprofit organization that provides mentors “Field Champions” to help children develop character through experiential learning. Pure Game’s character education curriculum is facilitated through the game of soccer. The beauty and uniqueness of the Pure Game system is that we use the most popular sport in the world to teach kids how to break free from their current circumstances and negative mindsets. We promote a life-changing message of growth and empowerment that helps develop every aspect of a child’s life through inclusion and affirmation. Acres of Love  At Acres of Love, we seek to solve the complex problems experienced by infants and children without families. The value of treating each child as we would our own is at the core of our work. Forever Family Homes offer children, who were orphaned, families in individual homes, run by loving and committed full-time house parents and staff. Our work has resulted in the rescue of over 500 children who either reside in Acres of Love Forever Family Homes, have been adopted into legal and permanent families, or reunified with family. The word “orphan” no longer applies, because our children now belong in a long-term, stable, de facto family. While past experiences, trauma, neglect, and abuse will be a part of their story forever, their pasts do not define or limit who they can become. Our desire is to empower them to experience hope and a bright future. The Fathers Heart Ranch The mission of the Father’s Heart Ranch Group Home is to receive, restore and revive children whose lives have been offended by abuse and neglect of adults who have betrayed their roles to care and nurture these children. Young Life Impacting Hearts At Young Life Impacting Hearts our mission is to reveal God’s love, truth and grace through real relationships that provide foster youth with love, support and the opportunity to succeed. We believe that real relationships fill real needs – the lost don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care! Kids Around the World Impacting the lives of kids with God’s transforming hope. At Kids Around the World that is our driving desire, but we can’t do it without our incredible IMPACT Team Volunteers. All over the world, children’s lives have been changed forever because someone like you took the time to go with us to offer them hope. Extreme Response Children are especially vulnerable in developing countries. From ER’s beginning days in the Quito Dump, we’ve recognized and addressed the needs of children. Specifically, ER currently supports abandoned, abused, neglected and orphaned children through our support of Children’s Homes in Ecuador, Haiti, Kenya, Malawi, Peru, South Africa and The Philippines. Childrens Cup Equip local churches to transform communities through holistic child development. Giving it Back to Kids To transform lives through medical care, education, nutrition, and love. Giving it Back to Kids is a non-profit corporation dedicated to transforming life through medical care, education, nutrition and love. Please take some time to browse through our website and learn more about us and the causes we serve. If you have a heart for “the less fortunate child” we can use your help. Back2Back Ministries Ministries is an international Christian non-profit organization dedicated to being a voice for orphans. We exist to love and care for orphans and vulnerable children, by meeting their spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs that they might overcome their life circumstances and break free from the cycle of generational poverty. Su Refugio Our purpose is to … •provide food, housing, education and medical care to orphans and children in need •provide vocational training to widows and single moms so they can provide for their families                                                                        •assist in the establishment of churches Children of the Nations Raising Children Who Transform Nations To provide holistic, Christ-centered care for orphaned and destitute children, enabling them to create positive and lasting change in their nations, by the mobilization of and ministry to seniors, individuals, families, and groups. Foundation for His Ministry Foundation for His Ministry is an organization whose purpose is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ. To this end we share and demonstrate God’s love through the power of the Holy Spirit by meeting basic spiritual, physical and educational needs of those in Mexico and beyond. This will be done in such a way as to establish the Mission as a model of effective ministry for other parts of the world. Our initiatives; Rescue children, Reach the lost, and Restore the broken. A Quarter Blue Helping Kids Thrive – A Quarter Blue is a Non-profit Organization Dedicated to Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse. Letting victims of sexual abuse know they’re not alone. A Quarter Blue’s mission is to stop childhood sexual abuse through education, and to encourage victoms and their families throughout their process of healing.