OC united Amy Gaw
We power individuals, families and communities through restorative relationships and whole-person care.

Agua Viva Jason Schultz
We provide short term mission trips to Baja Mexico
What build camps and training centers for leaders of children?s ministries and Pastor staff.

Mentor up chuck Divine
Our mentees also learn to give back by helping others we serve the community with a food pantry
ministry; we assist single Mom?s by helping them move into new homes and we pack hygiene kits for
homeless individuals. All the projects are outings for the Mentors and Mentees.

Kids Alive Steve Lewis
We rescue vulnerable children from hard places. We redeem lost years and offer eternal futures we
restore young lives to wholeness and freedom.

Orphan First Janey DeMeo
We create Children?s homes and programs in India, Mexico, and Europe as well as advocating for
orphans in the US. Our full-service children?s homes provide children with healthy full, clothes, education,
spiritual education, and a safe family environment.

Willow Int Kelsey Galaway
join us in restoring the lives of human trafficking victims and putting an end to this Global
epidemic. With Christ leading the efforts we will succeed.

I5 Freedom Brenda Wells
Empowers survivors of Human Trafficking with life skills for a path forward helping them break the cycles
they were brought into at no fault of their own.

Royal Family Kids Larry Stealy
A weeklong camp designed to transform God?s foster children by partnering with a local church who trains
and runs the camp.

Pure Game Tony Everett
A sports based social- emotional learning program by installing the biblical principles of Jesus through all
the programs.

Children of the Nations Eric Nachtrieb
Children of the Nations is a Christian ministry dedicated to raising children out of poverty and
hopelessness so they can become leaders who transform their Nations.

DOFO DJ Schuetze
For over 50 years Door of Faith has served orphaned children in the poor communities of Baja Mexico.
They currently house over 100 children.

Impacting Hearts Jay Panther
Young Life is a mission dedicated to introducing adolescence to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in
their faith.

Giving it back to kids Robert Kalatschan
Transforming God?s children?s lives through education, medical care, nutrition, and His Love.

Promise Child Talia Jankowski
Primary goal is to bring hope to children through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this by
meeting their basic needs then focus on their spiritual needs.

Safe Families/Olive Crest Tim Bauer
Transforming the lives of at-risk children through the healing power of family.

Young life Kristi Fox
Young Life is a mission dedicated to introducing adolescence to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in
their faith.

Faith2Action Meagan Pratt
Children need families and Faith2Action initiative and their network can help them find theirs.

Child Hope Amanda Magnuson
At Child Hope International our Biblical approach to caring for widows and orphans compels us to create
programs that address poverty and develop strategies to break the Orphan cycles.

Ground Wire Sean Dunn
Our mission is to be an interruption for millennials that are searching and help them start the journey of
finding Jesus. We team them with trained coaches to walk them through their amazing transformation.
Creating purpose for both.

Mailbox Club John Eager
Teaching Jesus to kids around the world.

Care for children Robert Glover and Russel Brown
We serve governments to help them place orphans and vulnerable children into local loving families in
their communities through fostering and adopting.

Angels For Hire Robert and Trevor Hendershot
We spread joy and save lives one venue at a time by facilitating the hiring of greeters with down

Doing good works Scott Henderson and Jordan Bartlet
Our mission is to foster the purpose of business to improve lives and connect communities through their

Finding Freedom Tera and Eric Bezko
We work to help God restore the lives of those who have been rescued from sexual exploitation. We
believe it is only through the healing power of Jesus that full restoration comes and the cycle of abuse is

Kids Around the World Dan Liesik
We help developing countries rebuild their communities through God?s love with play, food and kids?

Royal Camp Brenda Heidermannn
A camp program using action sports with a focus on Jesus and the holy spirit to grow the campers faith,
we help the campers have a blast and with learning their new tricks and GOD does the rest

Cross Connect Kyle Toman
Cross Connect focuses to partner with local churches, organizations, government, businesses, and
individuals to facilitate transformational change in communities by changing children?s lives. We offer
various programs for children and youth of all ages to create a healthy alternative to drugs, alcohol, and

Jackson’s Ridge Gail and Neville
Change children?s lives by raising the level of children?s ministry in every church in South Africa. It is time
for the church to take ministry to children, seriously. For too long, the church has been happy to keep the
children quiet, and out of the adult service. Children are an integral part of the body of Christ, and Jesus
desires that each child should operate in their calling, and this should be taught from a very young age.

Heart For Lebanon Tom Atema
Heart for Lebanon is a non-denominational Christian organization that is creating faith-defining
environments that give under resourced families and children in Lebanon the chance to encounter God
and grow spiritually. We are passionate to reach the lost and broken, to advance peace, justice, and
equality and to empower the marginalized and rejected.

The John Foundation Saji John
Bringing hope, the sustainable way
John Foundation exists to rescue vulnerable kids and children from being trafficked and to sustainably
provide them hope through education and skill training.

CDV George Perez
We are a for-purpose organization providing life changing support for orphaned and abandoned children
in Baja, Mexico. We are on a mission to end child abandonment by breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.

Charis Project Aaron Blue
Supporting families combats the root causes of child trafficking and orphaning. If we heal and strengthen
families, we can reduce the orphaning of children by 80%. If we heal and strengthen families, we can
reduce child trafficking by at least 41%.

Grace and Trust Chris Mbugua
ByGrace Children?s Home exists to provide a loving environment for orphaned children. Our desire is to
provide a holistic solution: physically, spiritually, and socially; to help foster future leaders within East
Africa, starting from Kenya. Since the need is ever increasing, your support will help us in our effort to
solve the poverty problem.

Kids International Norm Denlar
Our mission is simple:
Loving, teaching, and serving in the Philippines.

Basketball Academy Jeff Fryer
We believe that giving back to the community means that every young person has the opportunity to
participate in our basketball program, regardless of economic standing. As a not-for-profit organization we
are continuing our effort not only in sponsoring youth and families in financial need, but also in global
outreach to underprivileged children.

Su Refugio Erik Davidson
We care for orphans and equip widows by providing shelter, food, educational and vocational training,
spiritual nourishment, and more.

Extreme Response Russ Cline
Extreme Response exists to change the lives of people living in extreme situations. We are committed to
investing in the lives of vulnerable people and to helping them break free from generational poverty. Our
impact is strengthened through strategic partnerships with community-based organizations

Better together Jadon Lavik
Uniting families to transform communities with the love of Jesus? We provide humanitarian aid to
developing countries in 3 primary ways: ?food, water, and community development.

Crest Ministries Francis Burgula
we are an orphanage serving GOD?s children by pouring in his Love and Grace so they break the cycles
they were brought in to of no fault of their own and be the Kingdom changers out LORD has designed
them to be.