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Wow was GOD providing stories for encouragement and inspiration to all of us and HIS timing as always was perfect and incredible.  Here are the 7 biggest GOD winks from the trip, in them we find how we can engage and collaborate by working together for greater KINGDOM IMPACT.  I want to first thank our dear friend and father to most of theses beautiful kids and over a 1000 over the years, he has been the father they needed and never had for several of them.  His stories our incredible of how GOD has and continues to use HIM by just showing up for GOD’s kids.  He is a director at a team that gets to raise money to supply life sustainable needs and education and trade programs.  Several of our teammates have resources and relationships to support our efforts which provides playground equipment and feeding programs, and helps churches and teams with their mission teams.  Another teammate is our team at , we also used tracs from both hard copies and app downloads in Spanish.  Our friends at have a camp facility to support camp opportunities for all of the kids.  We as one team get to come together to pour CHRIST into these amazing kids and many others by our LOVE Gods WORD and most of all our collaborating.  The kids and homes need toothbrushes and paste so any dentists intro would be great, we also need s cal churches to step into the easy button mission trips by a short trip 3-4 hours south of the border. All of the kids need new school uniforms and shoes now that school is back open.  Please reach out to support or make intros!!!  Here are the 7 winks in order and the link to photos which are in reverse order.  We were blessed to provide pizza parties for all the kids.

  • Our first home was called casa de los Angelitos sp? With one of GOD’s servants Mary Lou, they have 35kids living there and they all were just a treat to meet all happy and so outgoing, got to tour the grounds and it was very neat and kept up as you will see in the pics so much LOVE in the home.
  • Our next stop was to visit casa Uriel which is run by Daniel and his wife very clean and so well run by the team, again the kids are so loving and outgoing and they has a real treat for George a surprise presentation and songs to thank him so cool!!! And well deserved.  Seemed like this home had around 45 kids
  • Next we visited one of our partner feeding and education program where Deanna and here team led by Alex and his wife Miriam.  They are feeding and educating around 60 kids from the nearby neighborhood and have a teeth cleaning station.  Again so much LOVE shown by the team and kids, Deanna and team have a beautiful supplemental education program where the kids are fed and taught with a Jesus theme especially with the bible story murals on the walls so cool.  The program serves 3 days a week.
  • After we went to dinner with 2 of the best examples of GOD,s transformational model and how these kids move from broken homes and models to stable homes and Godly modeling so now they go back to the programs that changed them and pour into kids.  Emanuel and Obed are adults now and have awesome jobs, George and I were also joined by Jim Taylor who is one of the co-founders of Corazon de Vida.  What an inspiration to witness Gods Love and Grace in these young men’s lives.
  • Early the next morning our Lord woke us up with one of HIS awesome sunrises, we went to Rancho de los ninos where we were greeted by Brett and his team at on a mission trip working on several projects.  Kids were in school so not many around but the ones we met with shared the same LOVE as all of the others.  The home director George who grew up in the home gave us a tour, his story will be a future GODWink story for sure.  We went to breakfast with George and learned he and his dad knew one of our team members Jason with we had a call to discuss the70 kids going to camp WOW.
  • Next we spent time with Steve and Mary Ellis who went down with George on a trip to one of the homes several years ago and fell in love with two of the little girls and took them as there own and have legal guardianship one is a sophomore and college and the other has graduated.  What a GOD Wink they shared with us and what servants they both are in HIS Kingdom.
  • We ended the trip by a visit at casa Esperanza back in TJ where we start on Tuesday.  We met with Martin the director and got a tour of the very large piece of land the home is on, wow so much potential.  A need for a playground(s) for sure and lots of projects for mission trips.  They have 35 kids and can have up to 70. We got to meet several of the kids as they were back from school.  We got to be part of a prayer over the meal they had, brought me to tears and lots of goose bumps.

Please see below link for pics and don’t forget they are in reverse order.

Thanks again for your covering in PRAYER and so much love, don’t miss the FUN.  So many ways to set in!!!



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