I’ve experienced changing roles for work and other activities a lot. Since it generally involved sales

positions, it required developing new relationships, and thus, friendships. It’s been wonderful to experience this as I joined Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) in 2020 after 40 years in the corporate and lay ministry worlds.

Specifically, the leaders of the Kingdom Coalition for Kids (KC4K) network are inspirational collaborators that are transforming lives, families, and communities.

Neville and Gail Fannin of Jackson Ridge in South Africa are wonderful examples of these collaborative new friends. Neville and Gail are lifelong children’s ministry advocates, and longtime campground directors for the International Assemblies of God (IAG) in South Africa. They are founding leaders at KC4K and wonderful collaborators intent on globally empowering others to lead children and young adults to Christ. KC4K leadership activity also involves consistent prayer together across 10,000 miles and more than 9 time zones. Besides, we personally share a common ministry interest of directing Royal Family Kids Camps (KC4K partner “For the Children”) and share an interest in international rugby.

Jackson Ridge and the South Africa IAG hosted a DCPI training event at the end of 2022 that was mandatory for all their district and national team members. In the spirit of collaboration, 3 of the 7 African DCPI volunteer trainers were continental leaders for the Church of the Nazarene denomination. As a part of the event, the group trained 36 new trainers for the South African IAG to start a new church planting movement that will include a focus on empowering young leaders to plant micro churches focused on serving children in new communities.  

In addition to their advocacy and leadership in impacting South Africa IAG’s approach to church planting, they inspired four more African, KC4K partners to augment their cultures using DCPI. Consequently, Glorious Harvest (Ghana), Jesus Youth Zone (Zambia), and By Grace, African International University and African Enterprise (Kenya) combined with South Africa IAG to train approximately 400 church planting leaders, over 4 widespread countries, during 2022. Based on DCPI’s best research, these alone will result in over 1,000 new churches and 40,000 active Christians being discipled at the end of 5years from now.  But even more importantly, all these events are the inauguration for new movements of church planting by existing local ministries 

Jim Duggan

Dynamic Church Planting International 

Partnership Ambassador

January 2023 



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