Showing up at Siloe Wellness Center in La Mision in Mexico on Friday, March 9th at 9:00 am. We met an incredible Godly Man; Jim Lacy with Kids Around the World. Our small team of three adults and two teens (Troy and Vasco Nunez & Mauricio Perea) didn’t flinch when we saw what lied ahead with playground parts all over and no holes had been dug! We spent all of Friday digging holes and putting parts in place, no small task!  Saturday morning at sunrise we were back at it our team of 5 soon grew to 10 with Mitchell and Geoff the key engineering minds we needed.  We also had our other friends Jerry, Chris and Daniel completing the amazing team, Thank you Lord! After another full day of fun in the sun and short rain showers we were getting close to pouring the concrete.  Sunday morning we tightened all the bolts and prepped for the pour just in time for the Siloe Wellness Center dedication ceremony.  The founders Brendan and Sarah Meyer invited  a few local families of La Mision to see what was built for them.  We want to thank Kids Around the World, Siloe Ministries, Strong Towers Ministries with Jim Kirk-Johnson for allowing us to work together and Bless God’s Kids of La Mision for years to come.



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