Lets us first of all give a HUGE shout out to our incredible host Eric Bezko and his bride Tera founder of www.findingfreedomint.org what a awesome Hospitality given to us which is like breathing to him, he is such a great example for all of living out his GOD given gifting.  THANKS “E”  Love you Brother!!!  Almost forgot about our awesome greeter Zeva wish everyone was that happy to see me.

This is a lot to digest but please take 5 minutes to be inspired and blessed by our HOLY SPIRIT’s powerful PRESENCE.  As we all settled in to digest eric’s fantastic meal and some great Wine and beverages, to learn how GOD is moving in all of our lives and the communities we all get to serve.  Ashleigh with Camp Agape www.campagapecalifornia.org share with us how the camp completely changed her life and now she is a leader and heading us a teen mentoring program with past campers pouring into current ones, WOW.  Her friend Sharon who also serves at the camp shared how she is working with her team to set up life skills programs for teens, and is also working with www.fosterthecity.org .  then we had Hannah the best half of Jon share how she is using her gifting in the fashion world to serve the Kingdom, so cool.  Jon and his team have over the years created many Kingdom software programs that have had huge Impact, one of the examples is creating an app for all to use that have a phone to use the Pocket testament League Gospel of John available in most languages to complement the hard copy both can be private labeled which was a huge hit for our ministry leaders.  We will be working to set this up for all of our members to private label to get out to the communities they serve.  www.ptl.org   Larry and Tina shared how Royal Family Kids had impacted their lives and the lives of some many children around the globe, with over 250 churches having summer camps and several of the camps have churches coming together to serve GOD’s kids.  www.rfk.org Larry was so moved and ready to partner with our next friend Jeramy who is leading Standing Stone Ministry who is partnering with pastors to pour into pastors and their families, so needed and Larry immediately wanted to make intros to the churches with int eh RFK network as well as his own pastor.  Allen with West Shield Adolescent Services shared how he and his teams have rescued thousands of kids over the years and he has a pod cast were he interviews guests in the Kingdom serving and how GOD is using them and their teams to change lives, if you would like to be a guest speaker please let us know and we will introduce you to Allen.  We then were blessed to hear how GOD is using Brandon and his team with Bread and Beat music.  www.breadandbeatmusic.comwere he and his team are going where the latest generations are by using creative arts to share GOD’s Word.  WOW lets take a quick break to digest, are you kidding me there is more.  Andre’ and his lovely bride Teresa shared how GOD is getting HIS kids housing which is so badly needed.  Please go to www.unitycare.org and then we had a very special blessing when Teresa follow then Holy Spirit’s prompting to sing us a very inspiring song what a gift her voice is.  Zeva was so impressed she ran out to see what was going on so cool!!!  Then we had Jon and his best half Liz share how camp Agape has forever changed their lives and how blessed they have been to have a front row seat  of our LORD’s transformation of many thousands. Website link is above at the start of the sharing by Ashleigh and Sharon.  Eric with Children of the Nations www.cotni.org with his teammate Cheryl blessed us with so many stories of how GOD is moving around the world.  Marvin having just sat and took all of this in was breathless and had trouble talking about how our Father transformed his life to transform others.  His ministry is perfectly named Transformational.  Grant our next inspirer shared how GOD has been using his entire family to serve the communities in Albania for several years, a model for us all.  Lastly we got to hear from our dear friend Tom with Heart for Lebanon www.heartforlebanon.organd how our LORD is creating miraculous movement with in Muslim communities that are truly inspiring and heart changing “no pun intended” LOL.  Please see their website for many of these awesome stories of GOD’s movements in Lebanon.

What an evening to be blessed by, and we hope this has inspired and encouraged you to engage in GOD’s KINGDOM and get your own front row seat.  Our LORD is one the move and don’t miss out on the FUN!!!  Attached are 7 pics from Tera and Eric’s patio, what a view.  We have attached the story of the “ONE” which is the WHY we all get the do what GOD has created us to do.

Until the next dinner on Tuesday the 27th of Nov at 5:30, please mark your calendars a reminder will be sent out closer to the date.

Much LOVE and Blessings Kingdom Coalition team



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