Today’s journal is about a kid who could gain accessed to a life-saving heart surgery through GIBTK’s heart program 12 years ago. Thank you to you all for making it possible for him and many others.
Tuan had a heart surgery to cure his ventricular septal defect 12 years ago. He has grown up into a healthy boy without medication intake. At the age of 19 years old, Tuan is now a first-year Graphic Design student at FPT College of Danang. This major is not only his passion, but it also helps him make a little money from some of his designs for a small coffee shop and barbershop. Seeing Tuan growing up healthily and pursuing his dream brings his parents great happiness and pride. To Giving It Back To Kids, we are very happy and honored to be a part of his life journey. 
(Tuan now at college)
To date, GIBTK has funded 1,675 life-saving heart surgeries.“We highly appreciate you and thank you for transforming lives”Robert Kalatschan
Giving it Back to Kids



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