Friends,   A story of inspiration from the front line:   When Dahouk al Najim was just 3-years-old his parents packed up and made the journey to neighboring Lebanon to flee from war-torn Syria. When they arrived, Heart for Lebanon was there to provide food and survival essentials and not long after, Dahouk al Najim was enrolled in school at the Hope Center a place where learns the basics like English, math, and science – but more importantly a place where the Heart for Lebanon staff teaches that Jesus loves them and plans our future. That truth has been an important lesson for Dahouk al Najim as he has recently found that that he has type I diabetes.  He told us, “I wasn’t afraid when I found out about my disease because I knew that God will always be with me. My parents work all day and aren’t home most of the time, so it is up to me to watch my diet and care for my siblings when they’re gone. I know it might seem like a big task for a 9-year-old but I can do it. I don’t know why I am so optimistic but I do know that the Lord has given me joy and the will power to go on.”

Yes, it snows in the Bekaa valley in Lebanon and here she is saying thank you for caring.    

If you have been encouraged or inspired by this, please forward to family and friends.

KC4K Leadership Team    



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