It is never too late and Any season is the right season to answer God’s call and use your God given talents.  Our very own Mom and Grandma heard about the need for weighted blankets for abandoned and abused kids, so she stepped up and stepped in and figured out how to create these beautiful blankets.  During the process she learned the many benefits these weighted blankets have and she now creates them for all ages. She said YES to the call and has been crafting blankets of all shapes and sizes with her love and tenderness in every stitch, she attaches her signature “Made with Love by Grandma Shirley” so each child knows they are loved and Grandma cared enough about them to create their very own blanket.  The children that  have received these weighted blankets have shown improvement in so many physical and emotional ways.  What a God Wink!      

                                             Thanks Grandma Shirley, we Love you!


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