Here is another lovely story of GOD’s work from the field growing His Kingdom. Thanks Jackson’s Ridge for sharing.

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Kingdom Coalition for Kids Leadership Team.
When the fruit is evident!
Mentor-ship has become a focus of Jackson’s Ridge’s ministry through the on-going support and encouragement we have received from Kingdom Coalition for Kids. They have continually drawn our attention to the power of mentor-ship. Their work has had an enormous impact on this ministry and encouraged us to push further and make these opportunities available for young people. 
Even though there have been great strides made over the years through part-time training for volunteers, when we followed up with our trainees, we found that many of the volunteers that committed to run Sunday schools in our townships and villages, just struggled to run a children’s ministry in their church. Even though we had equipped them with a wide range of skills, what was lacking, was mentor-ship. 
We began a mentor-ship program around 8 years ago with the intention of making mentor-ship our focus. Over the years God has stepped in from time to time to bring a young person on board for a full time mentor-ship. 
One of these young people who God opened a door for was Onkarabtsi (Onka for short☺.) He faithfully has worked alongside us, firstly as a volunteer on our camping programs for about 3 years, and in a full time capacity for 18 months. When his mentor-ship was reaching its maturity, God opened a door. A local church that has been struggling to get their children’s ministry off the ground for a long time, contacted us for help. To cut a long story short, Onka was employed by the church as their children’s leader. Just this last Sunday we attended the services at this church, and was able to see Onka lead children right into the presence of God. As we stood and watched how he responded to the Holy Spirit and then coached and led his team and the children to experience a touch from God, our hearts were overwhelmed by what God had done. 
Mentor-ship truly changes lives.  We are so grateful for the support and encouragement that we have received through the years from Kingdom Coalition for Kids.





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