Our God Wink this month comes to us from our friends at “Heart for Lebanon “.
Yesterday our academic year 2021/2022 began with 390 students in our H.O.P.E. Educational Program. (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) 3 times more than our last virtual academic year!   This message from one of our students shows that the care and compassion they are receiving is changing their beliefs; about themselves and their futures. “I’ve learned from you to work as hard as I can and with whatever resources I have. I also learned to depend on the Lord in every step I take. You are doing your best to help us learn new things every day. It’s my duty to work as hard as I can to thank you.”   Now these children have hope; for their present situations and for eternity because they are inviting Jesus into their hearts and seeing Him working in their lives.   Together we are better   TOM ATEMA
Heart for Lebanon


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